The 5 advantages of a made-to-measure dressing room

More than a simple wardrobe, the custom-made dressing room is an excellent solution to organize your wardrobe without compromise. Different compartments allow your clothes to be accessible and organised according to your tastes: by colour, by season… the only limit is your imagination!

Many possibilities

Many possibilities are possible by installing, for example, a shoe rack, a place for your ties, rods for your trousers or storage boxes for your underwear.

Do you have a small living area or do you simply want to optimise space by creating storage units adapted to the specific features of your home?

The made-to-measure dressing room is the answer to this important problem.

It can be installed as well :

  • under a staircase
  • under an attic
  • or under a high ceiling.

Atypical spaces don’t scare him!

Its functional aspect makes it a strong asset. But what about its aesthetics? The made-to-measure dressing room adapts to your interior. Give it the style you want by combining its materials, shape, colour and finish.

You have a wide range of options to create the ideal dressing room.

Short of ideas? Here are some inspirations on Pinterest that should help you!

Design my custom-made dressing room in 5 points

Do all the possibilities offered by the custom-made wardrobe make you ask questions? This is normal. To answer these questions, you must first take stock of your needs and the constraints of the room in which you wish to install your dressing room.


In order to help you in the design of your custom-made dressing room, we have researched for you the most important points to take into account:

Your needs

They will vary according to age, gender and the number of people who will use it. For example, a woman will probably need a drawer to store her jewellery, while a man will want a place to put his ties. If the dressing room is intended for all the members of the family, perhaps a large shoe storage unit is in order?

Technical constraints

The main objective of a custom-made dressing room is to adapt to all situations, even the most atypical. Identifying the constraints of the future location of your dressing room will allow you to optimise the space. By taking all the dimensions, you can be sure to have a dressing room that fits!

The shape

The constraints and needs listed above will allow you to define the shape of your future wardrobe. Depending on the space you have available, it can be simple, L-shaped, U-shaped or face-to-face.


The options

You will probably use it regularly. Options allow you to improve the comfort of using your custom-made wardrobe. For example, by activating a light when a drawer is opened. Be creative!


Finishing touches

The custom-made dressing room can easily enhance your interior thanks to the many aesthetic finishes you can give it. Choose the colours, the patterns/aspects of the materials, lacquered, matte, varnished finish..



If you are still hesitating between an open or closed dressing room, on the storage units to be integrated or on the room that will host it (the bedroom or the office), you can call on craftsmen specialised in the creation of a made-to-measure dressing roomlike Archea or other companies.


You will be able to talk to professionals who are experts in the field and who will help you with your project by giving you personalised advice for a made-to-measure dressing room that is optimised and meets your expectations.

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